I want to personally invite you to JOIN the HEALTHIER SKIN  REVOLUTION! You will begin noticing a difference from the moment you open a box of our products and breathe in the SENSUAL AROMAS. Prepare yourself for a bathing and showering experience found only in the most luxurious of spas. Your skin will FEEL ALIVE, smooth, invigorated. I promise our products are worth the time and money, and once you experience what S.E.COTE & CO. has to offer, you'll throw out your old products and come back for more. From the high Himalayan's to the mud of the Dead Sea, we search the world for ingredients created by nature to INVIGORATE, REFRESH, and RENEW body and spirit. We make our luxury SKIN & SPA products because you deserve the very best. Most products you use contain lard or animal fats, or synthetic ingredients and coloring. S.E.COTE & CO, ONLY USES butters and oils that are NATURALORGANIC and PURE with no artificial coloring or additives. WE UNDERSTAND that as your body changes, the products you use must change with ensure your continued health and vitality. It's TIME FOR A HEALTHIER YOU!

A few things we'd like you to know:

1) Because our products need to time to "cure", shipping may take anywhere from one to three weeks. We want you to experience our products when they are at their peek of perfection. The wait will be well worth it.

2) The weight of each individual SPA bar can vary for two primary reasons; the first being that each bar is hand crafted. NOT mass produced. The second is that a SPA bar recently poured will be heavier than a bar a few weeks into the curing process. That's because water evaporates during curing, reducing the weight and at the same time making your bar harder and firmer. The difference in weight can be anywhere from a half to a full ounce...depending on where it is in the curing process.